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Automation Systems

Engineer, design and build Semi-automatic to fully automatic complex Cells, Lines and Systems:

  • Custom engineered for your applications and products

  • Expertise in most production and assembly tasks and processes -- from chip removal processes and deburring, welding, gluing, riveting, assembly, checking, testing to end-of-line packaging -- including for large, bulky and asymmetric products

  • Robot and Vision Systems Integration for complex and/or flexible manipulation requirements

  • Experienced in a very diverse field of applications from across the industrial landscape -- automotive, medical, industrial products, power tools, electronic and electrical products, food and general industry

Production - Robotized Edge Contour Deburring

_Proofing and Testing Cell.JPG

Testing - Automotive

Sealing Test of Camshaft Cover

Assembly Station with Auto Vibratory Spr

Assembly - Automotive/Industrial

Assembly Station with Vibratory Feeders for Springs

Welding Station With Robots.jpeg

Welding - Automotive/Industrial

Robotized Welding Cell for Car Doors

Production - Automated Transfer Line

Production - Automated Production System

Assembly - Automatic Assembly of Motor Brushes

Automatic O-Ring Assembly.JPG

Testing - Automotive

Automated O-ring Assembly

Production - Robotized Hole Deburring

Marking & Checking - Hairbrushes

Integrated Print and Label.JPG

Packaging - Industrial

Integrated Print & Label

Assembly with Vibratory Feeders.JPG

Assembly - Automotive/Industrial

Automatic Assembly and Vibratory Parts Feeders

Automatic Assembly Line for Alternators.

Assembly - Automotive

Assembly Line for Alternator Bridges

High Speed Nozzle on Can Placement Line2

Production - Consumer/Industrial

High Speed Nozzle on Can Placement Line

Production - Automated Production Line

Packaging - Tube into Box Packing

Production - Industrial.jpg

Production - Industrial

Robotized Machine Tending with automatic Parts Magazine

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