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Specialty Machines

Engineer and build fully automatic Specialty Machines:

  • Fully automatic Machines for the production of N95, N99 and Surgical Face Masks.

  • Machines can be equipped for 3 – 5 different material layers.

  • Head Strings or Ear Loop Strip Attachments, depending on your Mask design.

  • Your Machine can be complemented with an integrated Packaging System for individual wrapping
    and boxing.

  • As a single source, we are able to provide all necessary Testing Equipment for your Masks –
    bacterial filtration, permeability, waterproofing and splash resistance.

  • We are a US company and provide complete Technical and Service Support and keep Spare Parts
    in stock.

  • As your single source Partner, we are able to provide all necessary Materials/Fabrics for the production of Masks. We stock them here in the Carolinas and can supply them based on your releases. These Fabrics are made exclusively by our European Partner Company in Europe.


We look forward to working with you. Please contact us:

E-mail:  |  Telephone: 803-909-8100​

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