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Ultrasonic Welding & Cutting Machines

  • Single Machines to complete fully automatic Lines. Whether you need a manual or a fully automated Line, we can offer you the best solution for your needs and applications.  

  • Custom engineered and built Systems, whether for a stand-alone Machine, a complete System or for integration into your machine and line, we are your partner.

  • Materials and Processes: Ultrasonic Welding and Cutting is a cost-effective Technology that has applications with various Materials:

    • Thermoplastics: welding and cutting​

    • Composites: welding and cutting

    • Non-ferrous Metals: welding

    • Foods: Cakes, Pastries, others: cutting

  • Industries: Cost-effective applications are found in almost any Industry:

    • Automotive Parts and Component Manufacturing​

    • Lighting Products

    • Medical: Instruments, Face Mask Production, Medical Gown Production

    • Industrial Applications: Equipment, Splicing of wires, Boards, more

    • Food Industry: Cutting of Cakes, Pastries, others - clean, fast, appearance

    • Packaging: Closing of Tubes and Bags, Closures, Sealing

    • Building Industry: Products, Components, Product Manufacturing

Ultrasonic Welding 1.jpg

Ultrasonic Welding Units

Ultrasonic Welding 2.jpg

Custom Design: Multiple Welding Heads for long components

Ultrasonic Welding 3.jpg

Custom Design -

3 Welding Units

Ultrasonic Welding 4.jpg

Ultrasonic Cutting of Food: Pastries, Cakes, soft Food Products

Ultrasonic Welding 5.jpg

Automotive Lighting

Ultrasonic Welding 6.jpg

Metal Insertion

Ultrasonic Welding 7.jpg

Tube, Bag and Packaging Closures and Sealing

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