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Wire Forming Machines
American Made Wire Bending & Production Machines

CNC and Custom Engineered Wire Bending Machines,
Resistance Wire Welding Systems and Lines.

We design and build standard and custom wire bending equipment. Our CNC wire bending machines are easily programmed and operated to produce almost any component, quickly and efficiently. Our wire bending equipment is built in the USA and can be delivered quickly to your plant or shop location.

We also sell, service and support standardized and custom engineered Wire Resistance Welding Systems and complete automated lines built to your requirements, specifications and products.

If you need wire forming automation, contact us today.

2-D_CNC Machine.jpg
3d CNC Machine.jpg

2D Wire Forming Machines

3D Wire Forming Machines

Resistance Wire Welding Systems 1.jpg
Resistance Wire Welding Systems 2.jpg

Resistance Wire Welding Systems

Double Head

CNC Machines

Double Head CNC machines.jpg



Cold headers.jpg


And Systems

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Wire feeders.jpg


Engineered Equipment

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