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Custom Engineered Machines

Our Standard or Custom Engineered Machines can be delivered as a Stand Alone Machine or a complete system for almost any application and work required.

  • We tailor any project to your specific product and process requirements and deliver it as a complete turn-key system, whether it is a single machine or a complete line, equipped with welding, drilling, machining or other secondary  processes, even packaging of parts.


  • Any Machine is engineered for your application, whether Stand Alone, manual or automatic, Servo driven, mechanical,  pneumatic or a combination of all. We are experts in engineering and building special machines. All our Software for machine and HMI is written in-house. This allows us to competently support you and be your single source partner.


  • Of course, we also install the complete system in you factory and offer an excellent after-sales service.

Custom Engineered Machines #1.jpg

Automatic Coin & Swage Machine (No Chips)

From Coil 1.5 Seconds / Part.

Custom Engineered Machines #2.jpg

Rods From Coil, Straightened, Cut, Coined And Swaged

Custom Engineered Machines #3.jpg

Coin & Crimp (No Chips) 2-Up Hand-Fed From Straightened Pre-Cut Wire

Custom Engineered Machines #4.jpg

Coin & Crimp

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